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Madras HC lifts ban on TikTok

Madras HC lifts ban on TikTok

The Madras High Court lifted the ban on TikTok on Wednesday. The Court directed the company to stop pornographic content and make sure it won’t allow such content through the platform. It also said that TikTok should give priority to the security of the users.

Surprisingly, the ban on TikTok app and lifting came within a time span of three weeks.

Initially, on April 3, 2019, the Madras High Court imposed a ban on TikTok stating that the video-sharing app is spreading pornographic content and misinformation.

The court expressed its concerns on children being exposed to sexual predators.

In order to avoid this, the HC put a ban and after that, the company filed a plea in the Supreme Court against it.

The Supreme Court refused to intervene in the matter and ordered the government to ban the app over the concerns until the further decision made on it.

Followed by the Court Order, TikTop app has been removed from the stores of Google and Apple.

Two days ago while hearing on this, the Supreme Court said the ban order would stand vacated if the HC failed to decide on the plea.

Then the Madras High Court responded on the plea and decided to lift the ban after the counsel for the company said that the content that violated rules had been removed from the TikTok platform.

Following the court order, the IT ministry would ask Google and Apple to allow TikTok on their platforms.

TikTok has several million Indian users. it was launched by ByteDance as Douyin in China in September 2016. The app gained popularity within a year of its launch overseas.

In India, the user base for the app is increasing regularly. The app is one of the famous mobile applications among smartphone users.

However, the ban and further consequences made this application more popular among users.

Interestingly, several people searched for ‘TikTok’ following the court’s ban.

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