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International Female Peacekeeper Award for Indian Cop

International Female Peacekeeper Award for Indian Cop

Indian police inspector Shakti Devi from Jammu and Kashmir won the United Nations International female peacekeeper award 2014. She has been working in the the Jammu and Kashmir Police organisation for 14 years. She has been deployed in the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. She received this award for her exceptional achievements. She also has been appreciated for her constant efforts to help the victims of sexual violence.

This prestigious award is given to female police peacekeepers who serve in a United Nations peace operations. The motive behind the award is to promote awareness on the importance of police in peace operations all over the world, encourage female police officers in UN peace operations and appreciate their efforts in these operations. Many countries contribute to UN peacekeeping operations and India is the largest among them. So far over 170,000 troops are contributed by India for 43 UN peacekeeping missions out of 69.

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