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Gujarat school fights caste system

Gujarat school fights caste system

The premier Dalit rights NGO of Gujarat, Navsarjan Trust is running a primary school for classes 5 to 8 nearby Katariya village which is next to National Highway 8A. This is one of three schools run by the trust.

The specialty of this school is, it is run with motto of being a model school to fight against the caste system. The children there are mostly Dalit children and other backward caste children. But, they are leading a happy life with smiles. The school is a boarding school.

Martin Macwan is the brain behind this school. He is also the founder of the trust. The teachers at this school live along with the students and the students call their teachers with their first names. Even the founder Martin is called Martinbhai. Macwan explains that being treated equally without any discrimination is the whole concept of the school.

The science lab of the school has great collection of spaceship replicas, human body replicas and many more for the young ones to learn. The schools where these children previously studied were of horrible conditions. Here, they are all treated equally and the children are taught about learning practical knowledge instead of just copying what is on the black board.

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