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First time in India: Organ recipient is also donor

First time in India: Organ recipient is also donor

Cases of organ donation saving lives is known to most people.

However, here is one of the most unique cases that ever happened in the world.

Such a case has only once happened before in the entire world.

The liver of a brain dead woman in Pune was used to save the life of another patient.


This is an incredible act of humanity.

However, the case is much more special.

The woman who donated the liver herself is recipient of a kidney two years ago through a transplant.

This is the first time such an operation has successfully been conducted in India.

Not just that, this is the second time such an operation has been conducted in the entire world.


The woman is 42 years old from Mumbai. She passed away as a result of intracranial bleeding.

The reason such a case is so rare is because of several reasons.

People who have received organs before are generally considering unsuitable for donation themselves.

Most of their organs become unusable due to the amount of medication the have to take.

After this operation, many experts are saying that such a procedure can be very helpful in the field of organ transplants.

Vimal Bhandari, director of National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) said that such case is never before reported.

A recipient saving a life by donating her liver is a first ever he added. Such a procedure will help out those in need a lot if it is developed.

In a country like India, such a procedure is even more helpful.

This is because many people in India do not come forward to donate their organs.

In India, it is reported that around 5 lakh people die every year due to scarcity of organs.

For this reason, if a new breakthrough is made, it can help save many lives not just in India, but all over the world.

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