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Curious reincarnation story of Shanti Devi

Curious reincarnation story of Shanti Devi

It is a quite common belief in India that good deeds help humans to reach heaven and bad deeds make them be born again on this earth. It is also believed that based on the deeds, one takes the form of humans, worms, animals and so on. Do reincarnations exist? Have you ever thought of your previous birth?

Reincarnation is one of the mysteries which was not explained by science. Most of the Indians believe the reincarnations of the Gods and Goddesses. It is quite common that rebirths exist. Like ghost stories, they are interesting. But, it may not be believable when a person says about the facts of his or her ‘previous birth’. Here is one such story which remained curious till today.

A four-year old girl shook the entire nation saying that she had lived before. Her name was Shanti Devi. Her story attracted the attention of the world as well.

Her parents did not believe her as she was a little girl. But, when she narrated her previous birth facts to Mahatma Gandhi he was surprised and at once ordered a commission was established to investigate about the facts narrated by her.

Shanti Devi began to utter the details of her past birth when she attained the age of four. She said that her name was Lugdi Devi in her previous birth and lived in Mathura along with her husband Kedar Nath. She also revealed that she died 10 days after giving birth to her child.

Even though her parents discouraged her saying about her past birth she expressed her wish to visit her home in Mathura. But, due to the denial of her parents to visit the place, she tried to run away from home at the age of six years. One of her school teachers wrote a letter to Kedar Nath to the specified address by Shanti Devi. Everyone was shocked after receiving a reply from Kedar Nath. Knowing the story of his wife Lugdi Devi in the ‘past birth’, Kedar Nath visited Shanti Devi along with his son. He asked Shanti Devi several questions about him and his late wife for which she gave correct answers.

The news spread all over the county and Mahatma Gandhi wanted to see her. Later he ordered for setting up a committee to investigate the facts. Shanti Devi along with the committee reached Mathura. She showed the homes of all her relatives to the members of the committee and other spots she visited.

Shanti Devi also remembered the promises of Kedar Nath, her husband in the past birth. She added that he broke all of the promises that were given by him on her death bed and that’s why she was born again. The committee concluded that Shanti Devi was the reincarnation of Lugdi Devi.

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