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Baby born with 8 limbs, locals worship him as Lord Ganesha

Baby born with 8 limbs

A baby is born with deformities and now he is being worshipped by the locals as an avatar of the gods. Shocked? Read on to find out more.

Dumri-Isri, a small town in the state of Jharkhand witnessed a baby boy who was born with eight limbs. The baby boy who had 4 arms and 4 legs is being called an avatar of Lord Ganesha by his parents. The village has turned into a little pilgrimage hotspots. The locals are celebrating his birth and are considering him as a reincarnation of the Hindu God, Lord Ganesha.

This seems to be a case of birth defect from an underdeveloped conjoined twin. However, the mother of the child, Ureda Khatun has embraced the baby. Doctors are now taking care of the baby and he is said to be recovering.

These sort of bizarre cases usually seem to happen in rural areas of the country where people are less educated. They tend to prefer to not take the babies to hospitals and instead see this is as the beginning of their fortunes becoming better.

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