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TRAI extends deadline on Net neutrality

TRAI extends deadline on Net neutrality

A lot of debate is being going about net neutrality in India. In this regard, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) invited comments on this issue and the deadline was December 30. But, due to several requests from COAI and AUSPI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) extended the deadline to receive comments on net neutrality up to January 7.

Though TRAI does not use the term net neutrality, it specifies the idea of zero-rating platforms that created huge debate on this issue in the country. Approximately 16.5 lakh comments were received by TRAI. This is the highest number of comments ever received on all papers so far by the regulatory authority.

So far, the comments received through Free Basics platform or Facebook are about 8 lakh. And same number of messages were received by Authority from people against Facebook’s Free Basics and other zero-rating programmes. In addition to that, 3,000 individual messages are received.

Any internet service provider should not block or discriminate any applications or content according to SavetheInternet forum.

Facebook has also launched a campaign on this issue. In this campaign, Facebook users support the Free Basics scheme of Facebook. Under this scheme, users can access some websites for free without spending internet charges. More than 10 lakh comments were received on first discussion that it hovered around net neutrality.

Earlier, Airtel decided to charge separately for internet-based calls. But due to severe protest from people it withdrew the plan. It led to debate on net neutrality throughout the country.

Besides Facebook’s service, internet activists and experts thrashed the ‘Airtel Zero’ service.

In its paper, TRAI specifies some plans that offer differential tariffs of the telecom service providers that provide either zero tariffs or discounted tariffs to certain websites or contents. In this regard, TRAI invited comments seeking the opinions of the public whether these plans can be permitted or not.

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