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Taj Mahal Visitors entry may be limited

Taj Mahal Visitors entry may be limited

It looks the entry to Taj Mahal for visitors may be limited. This is because the government is planning a comprehensive conservation crowd management plan at the world famous world heritage site.

According to many Top officials of Archaeological Survey of India, a study is being carried out by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) on the 17th century Mughal monument. The decision to limit visits to Taj Mahal complex would be taken based on the study.

It is common knowledge that Taj Mahal receives a huge number of visitors every day. The ASI is taking steps to protect the most famous monument of India.

Among the many proposals, one of them is to reduce the number of current visiting hours to the monument. In order to know if the decision is worth it or not, ASI asked NEERI to conduct a study and find out how impactful tourist activities on the monument is on a long-term basis.

Based on the NEERI study, ASI would get a report on the optimum footfall at Taj Mahal. Once a final report has been received, they would analyses it and then make a final decision on the eventual footfall for this monument says a senior ASI official.

ASI Director, General Rakesh Tewari said that they are making plans for efficient conservation and crowd management at the monument.

Since Taj Mahal is a very significant monument for India, there are serious concerns regarding the impact of so many people visiting it says ASI Agra Circle Superintending Archaeologist Bhuvan Vikram. He said that several permutations and combinations on crowd management and on carbon dioxide level were suggested in the draft report of NEERI. The government will take the final call regarding it.

Based on the final recommendation in the report, the government decide on the maximum number of tourists to be allowed to visit Taj Mahal.

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