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Students can pursue two full-time degrees from now

Students can pursue two full-time degrees from now

Now students can pursue two degrees simultaneously. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has allowed students to pursue two degrees, starting from the academic year 2022-23. UGC says that students can pursue a course in the area of their interest with this two-degree scheme.

UGC issued some guidelines for this. The two academic programmes can be a combination of two bachelor’s programmes or two master’s programmes.

Students can also choose a combination of a diploma programme and an undergraduate programme. They can also choose to pursue the courses from the same university or a different university. But, they shall make sure that there is no clash in the timings of classes of both courses.

Here are the guidelines provided by the UGC for pursuing two degrees at the same time:

  • If students decide to pursue both degrees in physical mode, they shall ensure that no clash arises in the timings of the both.
  • If they chose to pursue a degree online mode or under Open and Distance Learning (ODL), they shall make sure that those institutes are recognized by the Government of India, UGC or Statutory Council.
  • Students can pursue one academic programme in physical mode and another in ODL or online mode.
  • They can also opt for both academic programmes in ODL or online mode, up to two programmes simultaneously.
  • However, all universities will not have this facility. The guidelines of UGC are not made public as of now. So, universities will decide after that and give flexibility to students accordingly.
  • They need to obtain approval from statutory bodies to implement the two-degree programme in their colleges.
  • Students can know during their admission whether a university is giving them the flexibility to opt for two degrees at the same time or not.

These guidelines apply to all academic programmes except PhD.

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