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Satya Nadella announces plans for India

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivered the keynote address at Future decoded, one of the largest digital events of India.

The Indian man, who became the CEO of tech giant Microsoft talked about the motto of the company. He said that it should be ‘Make in India for India’.

This is an event set up for the digital development of India.

In the keynote speech, Nadella talked about what Microsoft is planning for the country. He announced several programs specifically aimed at developing India.

They aim to help both rural and urban areas.

Skype Lite

Skype Lite is the biggest announcement made by Nadella at the vent. Skype Lite is being developed for India exclusively. As the name suggests, it is a simpler version of skype. It takes just 13 mb of space and is much lighter than the original version.

The software works by using Aadhaar card for authentication. It is specifically made to help people in areas with bad internet connectivity. Rural areas will be able to use it as well.

It comes with several features despite being a lite version. Users can call mobiles, send SMS, do Skype calling and video calling. The software will be available in seven Indian languages as well to help locals use it easily.

Project Sangam

This is another project that Nadella talked about in his speech. Project Sangam is meant for Microsoft to work along with government of India to train and assist people of India get jobs through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a site for professionals to get jobs.

He said that this year will see the project being scaled up.

Expansion of Smart Villages

This is a project that was announced back in 2015. Microsoft in association with the government set up 50 smart villages in Maharashtra.

The government has been digitizing a number of processes like healthcare, education and energy.

Nadella said that this project will be expanded and another 100 villages in India will be getting smart technology with the help of Microsoft.

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