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Review on 7th Pay Commission recommendations

Review on 7th Pay Commission recommendations

Good new to central government employees and pensioners. They will get the benefits of salary rise according to the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission. The recommendations of the Commission will be implemented from August 1.

The review panel with Cabinet Secretaries is analyzing the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission on the salary hike to Central government employees. Earlier, the Commission proposed the salary hike to all Central government employees including pensioners. The minimum recommended monthly salary by the Commission was Rs.18,000 and it will be increased to Rs.23,500 with the hike of 30 percent. The proposed hike will come into effect from August 1.

A team of review panel is working on the recommendations of the Commission for effective implementation. The review panel needs to submit a conclusive report by the end of this month hence, it is working on weekends too.

The Empowered Committee of Secretaries or the review panel is headed by Cabinet Secretary P. K. Sinha. The Panel has made the decision to design framework on the pay gap between low ranking employees and senior officers. The Pay Commission scrapped the allowances and advances earlier but the review panel suggested to continue them.

The report will be submitted to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and handed over to the Prime Minister’s Office. More than one crore employees including more than 57 lakh pensioners are expecting a significant increase in their salaries as well as monthly pensions.

The 7th Pay Commission panel was led by Justice A K mathur. It had proposed to increase the basic salary of the central government employees by 30 per cent rather than 14.27 per cent. As per an estimation, the minimum monthly salary will rise by at least Rs.24,000 from Rs.18,000 with the salary hike. Yet, the final decision on pay hike will be taken by the PMO by next month. Knowing the situation the members of Panel reported that they will submit the final report to the Finance Minister in the coming few weeks.

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