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PM Modi’s interaction with CMs – 2

PM Modi’s Interaction With CMs – 2

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the remaining chief ministers yesterday in his consecutive meeting on coronavirus. The day before yesterday, he interacted with chief ministers and Lt Governors of 21 states and UTs.

Yesterday, he interacted with chief ministers and representatives of 14 states and the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. CMs of Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc. joined the meeting.

He asked the states to utilize COVID-19 testing capacity completely and expand health infrastructure.

Here are the highlights of PM’s interaction with CMs:

  • Modi said India is battling against COVID-19. Now, the country is in a more challenging phase due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases. It is due to lack of physical distancing, regular movement of big crowds and residence of many people in small houses in some cities.
  • Saving the lives of people is the topmost priority of the government. Hence, there is a need to augment health infrastructure and trained human resources.
  • Modi highlighted the importance of public participation and information systems to control COVID-19 effectively.
  • He also emphasized the need for testing, tracking, tracing and isolating patients to combat against the virus.
  • While the number of cases has been rising, the number of recovered patients has also been increasing. Very few patients needed ICU and ventilator support. It is a matter of great relief to the country.
  • PM also appreciated the efforts of state governments and local administrators for keeping the situation under control.
  • Providing timely help and information is vital. PM suggested building teams of senior doctors and young volunteers for providing telemedicine services and guiding the patients.
  • He emphasized the need to fight the stigma associated with COVID-19.
  • While underscoring the preventive measures, he asked state governments to share the best practices to control COVID-19.

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