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PM Modi Promises to Get Back Black Money

PM Modi Promises to Get Back Black MoneyPM Modi Promises to Get Back Black Money

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a bold promise on Sunday in his Radio Programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that he will bring back every penny of the black money which was hid in foreign countries. Narendra Modi has made this statement after people has accused the BJP government of not keeping their word on the black money issue. The PM has stated that the efforts to bring black money back is on the right track, even though he added that there was no right estimation on the amount of black money stashed outside India.

He stated that this issue is very important to him and that there will be no lack of effort in achieving it. This statement was a reassurance by the PM after last week the government was unable to provide the list of names of account holders due to confidentiality clause in treaties with other countries. The official statement is that the disclosure of details of account holders would create problems with bringing back black money. There were 627 account holders in HSBC Geneva and the government has made a retreat after Supreme Court ordered it to disclose the names of those account holders. Even the opposition parties are attacking the government for not keeping its election promise.

Image credit: Shri Narendra Modi addressing All India Conference on Livestock and Dairy Development image by Narendra Modi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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