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PM to launch Accessibility Campaign on World Disability Day

PM To Launch Accessibility Campaign On World Disability Day

Yesterday, the ministry of social justice and empowerment announced the Accessible India campaign. It is going to be launched by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on December 3, World Disability Day.

In this context, there will be a gathering in which National Disability awards will be given to exceptional people from the disabled people.

In addition to that, a film festival will be held from December 1 to December 3 for disabled by the ministry in association with NFDC. Gitanjali Rao, a well-known animator specially made a film for this festival.

The main aim of Accessible India campaign is to let every person including people with disabilities in the society to have equal opportunities of growth and to let people have access to development so that they can lead fruitful, secure and honorable lives. The campaign mainly focuses on the following areas: public transportation, built environment, and information and communication technologies.

Two phases of development is planned as part of the Accessible India campaign. The first phase of the proposed buildings will be made disabled friendly by July 2016 and next phase will be done by March 2018. In the first phase, 50 government buildings in 20 tier-one cities and 25 buildings in 20 tier-two cities will be made disabled friendly by July 2016. These chosen buildings will be provided with ramps, lifts and accessible lifts to be accessed easily by anyone. Furthermore, all international airports will also be made disabled friendly by this time. For all the domestic airports the estimated time is March 2018.

Railways planned to make five major stations disabled friendly by July 2016. And 50% of all railway stations will be made disabled friendly by March 2018. Similarly, 10% of public transport and 50% of all public documents will be made disabled friendly by this time. An app will also be developed and introduced as part of this campaign.

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