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Pakistan moves Kashmiri youth into terrorism

Pakistan moves Kashmiri youth into terrorism

Does Pakistan provoke Kashmiri youth to move toward terrorism? Indian Army says so.

Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GoC) of the Northern Command warned that Pakistan stirs Indian youth in the region of Jammu and Kashmir to move them towards terrorism.

For this, its army has been utilizing the social media to provide support to them.

He said that Pakistan wants to disrupt the peace and stability in Kashmir and that’s why the county constantly provokes with its acts and keeps terrorist infrastructure in the country and in PoK.

He expressed his worries on this matter as the Pakistani army has been misusing the social media platform to lure youth of Kashmir and it is a matter of concern for India as the country seized it.

He also said that radicalisation is a global concern and should not be ignored in any manner.

Yet, he assured that Indian Army has enough potential to counter terrorism effectively, so there is no need for the citizens to worry.

Now that the fight against the terrorism is at a very important stage, it is essential to watch every move of Pakistan carefully. And, Indian Army is efficiently using various technological and AI based solutions to counter the terrorist acts of Pakistan.

These solutions also help protect Kashmiri youth from falling prey to terrorism of Pakistan.

Peace and prosperity is anticipated by the coming years in Jammu and Kashmir.

The officer also said that Indian Army is closely observing the movements of terrorists from other surroundings like Afghanistan and any probable inflations from them to the country.

He said that the surgical strikes were a strong and strategic answer to the enemies to show the power of Indian Army.

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