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One Nation One Health Card

One Nation One Health Card

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced One Nation One Health Card scheme while addressing the nation on Independence Day.

One Nation One Health Card scheme helps save a person’s medical history records digitally in a database. These records include diagnostic tests and treatments for various health conditions.

Every Indian citizen who opts for health card will be given a unique ID under this system. This ID is useful for the user to log-in to the portal to save his/her medical records digitally.

An authorized person can access the records from anywhere across the country anytime.

Other people, including doctor, hospital, medical store etc. can only access to a person’s medical records, if he/she permits them for the same. Otherwise, they will not be able to access the records.

Hospitals and doctors will all be linked to a central server. However, it is not mandatory and people can decide whether to opt for the card or not.

In addition to doctors and clinics, medical stores and health insurance companies can also connect to the server to access the records.

As all the test reports will be saved on the card, there is no need to carry old reports each time when you are going to a doctor. The doctor can see the records of a patient with the help of a unique ID.

Health Card will be made similar to Aadhaar Card. Yet, beneficiaries can choose whether to opt for the card or not.

The main concern of the scheme is about the privacy of beneficiaries. However, some people say that if proper safety measures are taken, then the data will be safe.

One Nation One Health Card scheme is revolutionary and it will change the health scenario of the country.

The scheme will be implemented phase-wise. Around ₹500 crores have been allotted for the first phase of the scheme.

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