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New Intellectual Property Rights Protection Policy

New Intellectual Property protection policy

In order to protect the commercial interests of citizens, Indian government has revealed a new National Intellectual Property Rights Policy. The new policy is aimed to protect the interests from all creative fields including books, music, industrial drawings and software. Drugs and pharmaceuticals are also expected to be covered under this new policy. The cabinet gave its approval to this two days ago.

The new policy is aimed not just to protect the national interest but to meet the international requirements as well.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley yesterday on this new policy stated that a new intellectual property rights policy is needed for the new inventions during a country’s growth. There is a strong trademark law in the country which facilitates the people to sell their products in their own identity and name. Stealing another’s identity should not be possible under this law. He added that government assures its intervention if needed in case of commercial theft.

Copyright was allowed to only books and publications in the past, but the new policy covers films, music and industrial drawings. Some experts express their gladness on the approach of the country in the area of intellectual property rights and the initiative to make it strong.

The new policy has the following objectives:

  1. It intends to create public awareness about the economic, social and cultural benefits.
  2. The policy encourages citizens to generate material to protect intellectual properties.
  3. The modern policy will have robust and efficient effective laws that balance the individual and national interests. It considers global obligations as well.
  4. New and service-oriented administration will be provided under this new policy.
  5. Both the enforcement and adjudicatory mechanisms will be made strong under this new intellectual rights protection policy.
  6. It creates value from protected innovations through commercialization.
  7. Capabilities will be built and improved through human resources, institutions training and research.

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