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Mumbai – Pune trip in 20 minutes with Hyperloop technology

Mumbai - Pune trip in 20 minutes with Hyperloop technology

The government of Maharashtra had signed an agreement with a US based firm, Virgin Hyperloop One to build a transport system between Mumbai and Pune.

The new transport system is aimed to reduce the travel time between both areas to 20 minutes from the current three hours.

The proposed route for this transport system is through the Navi Mumbai International Airport.

The new hyperloop technology enables the magnetic train in vacuum to move at speed of sound.

In hyperloop technology, there is a passenger-carrying capsule.

It uses magnetic levitation and moves at the speed of sound through an almost air-less tube.

The hyperloop also helps reduce accidents.

Currently, the teams are working to check the feasibility of the route which is estimated to be finished in six months.

Then the construction of a test track will begin in early 2019 and will be completed by the end of 2021.

After the confirmation of success of the test tracks, the entire track will be constructed. It will take another four years.

The estimated cost of the route is nearly ₹20,000 crore. However as per the officials, it is cheaper when compared to other forms of high-speed on-ground travel.

The fare in this travel will probably be equal to the fare of air travel.

Each year 150 million passengers can travel using the new system. The estimated travel saving time is more than 90 million hours in addition to saving 150,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

At present, this technology is not yet commercially operational anywhere in the world.

If it successfully completes as proposed, India may have the track record of having the first operationalized route. However, Dubai is almost close to India in this.

The Pune-Mumbai route has one of the strongest economic cases potential. Being part of a national hyperloop network, this route is an ideal first corridor.

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