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LPG to be replaced with PNG in smart cities

LPG to be replaced with PNG in smart cities

The Indian government has announced in the past its ambitious Smart City scheme. Now, the government is planning to launch a plan under this scheme which will replace LPG connections with piped natural gas (PNG). This will be done in selected areas which will be developed as modern cities under the scheme.

The government is planning to make these smart urban areas as greener and environment safe as possible. The cities will have rooftop solar power. It is a major component of the scheme. The cities will also have a lot of use of LED lights instead of traditional lights.

According to sources, the details regarding this plan were presented in a meeting with the PM Modi on Monday. A government official stated that this plan to replace LPG will involve three different ministries: urban development, petroleum and power along with the state governments. So, he said that all the stakeholders are working in close coordination.

The official has stated that one of the major focuses of the governments is to shift the LPG connection to PNG in urban areas. However, the government will put more focus on implementing this plan in the smart cities first. Further, under the smart city scheme, the government wants to make sure that at least ten percent of the entire power demand will be met through a solar source.

It is stated that the management of electricity and the metering of power usage will be made with smarter technology to ensure effective and quality power supply in these areas. The official stated that Information technology will be used a lot for achieving these purposes.

The smart cities will also use IT for informing people about traffic conditions, nearest stations for getting public transport like buses and metros etc. The smart cities will completely focus on making the lives of people comfortable with the use of smart technologies.

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