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Internet to be costlier

Internet to be costlier

As major telecom operators like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio etc. decided to increase the tariffs, voice calls and internet are going to be costlier from now onwards.

The call and internet charges will rise by up to 50 per cent. This is the first increase in the last five years after data prices fell by 95 per cent in 2014.

As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), prices of mobile data have fallen to ₹11.78 per GB.

While Reliance Jio announced its increased tariff would come into force from December 6, the new rate of Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel would come effect from December 3.

Vodafone Idea increased its ₹999 plan with 12 GB data to ₹1,499 with 24 GB data usage limit with one-year validity.

Bharti Airtel also announced similar increase but most of its new plans would be ₹1 lower to that of Vodafone Idea.

Reliance announced its new All-In-One plans will be priced up to 40 per cent higher. It says that its customers will receive 300 per cent more benefits.

It also said that its new plans would have a fair usage policy.

The customers of both companies will have to pay if they exceed the prescribed limit.

Their unlimited calls are capped to network and for other telecom operators, it is 1,000 minutes in plan with a validity of 28 days, 3,000 minutes with a validity of 84 days and 12,000 minutes with a validity of 365 days.

Customers will have to pay 6 paisa per minutes for outgoing calls.

The average cost to subscriber to get wireless data was ₹269 per GB in 2014 and ₹226 per GB in 2015.

However, in 2016 after the onset of 4G technology, the average cost declined drastically to ₹75.57.

It was further decreased in the next two years as well. It was ₹19.35 per GB in 2017 and ₹11.78 per GB in 2018.

As a result, the telecom operators had to face huge losses and now with the increased tariff, they hope to recover from them.

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