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India’s nuclear position entering the next phase

India’s nuclear position entering the next phase

India has been in a nuclear competition with Pakistan for almost two decades. Now, India has many long range ballistic missiles in development. In this situation, India is now looking towards its future strategic relationship with China.

A think-tank report has stated that India’s nuclear posture is now entering an important and dynamic new phase. India’s outlook regarding its nuclear power seems to be more focused on the future strategic relationship with China says authors Hans M Kristensen and Robert S Norris in a report for Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists yesterday.

The report called “Indian nuclear forces, 2015” stated that India has produced approximately 540 kilograms of weapon grade plutonium. This is enough to make 135 to 180 nuclear warheads. However, not all of the material is being used. It is estimated that India has made 110 to 120 nuclear warheads.

The most important part of India’s nuclear forces still seem to be the fighter-bombers. However, the country has made great progress in developing land based ballistic missiles too. The ballistic missiles include the Agni-4 which can deliver a single nuclear warhead to a distance of 3,500 kilometres. This means, it should be able to strike Beijing and Shanghai from northern India.

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