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Indian restaurant in Kyiv provides free meals to people

Indian restaurant in Kyiv provides free meals to people

Russia started invading Ukraine. Many Indians, including students and other people stranded there. They are facing troubles and waiting for the government’s help to return to the motherland. In this context, an Indian restaurant in Kyiv came to their rescue by providing free meals and shelter to them.

Saathiya restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine, provided shelter to more than 70 people. These include both Indians and Ukrainians. The restaurant is located in the basement of Chokolivs’kyi Boulevard. So it became a kind of bomb bunker.

Saathiya restaurant is one of the favourite places for Indian students as it serves many delicious recipes like chicken biryani. The restaurant is a favourite hangout for the Indians. Now it turned into a shelter home.

Many people are moving to safer places as bombs are exploding in their surroundings. Hence, Saathiya restaurant decided to provide shelter and meals to people who gathered there.

Manish Dave, the restaurant owner, said that many people, including Ukrainian nationals, flocked to the restaurant along with their luggage to stay safe. Hence, he decided to serve free meals to everyone.

However, he is worried about the stock of food left in the restaurant. Though the restaurant is keeping the required stock, it has stock for just a few days. It has rice and flour for around five days. However, there is not enough stock of vegetables and other items, and it needs to buy them.

Due to restrictions on movements of people during the nighttime, it is difficult to procure the stock as and when required. However, it procured essential stock for some days on Friday morning after the opening of the markets.

One of the netizens shared the information on Twitter and lauded the services done by the restaurant staff and the owner during the tough time.

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