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Indian Railways to start home delivery service

Indian Railways to start home delivery service

Indian Railways launches new services for its passengers. Now, it decided to start a new initiative, the home delivery of goods. The railways is planning to offer door-to-door delivery services soon.

Currently, it is conducting a test run to check the feasibility of the new service. It is offering the service to both individuals as well as bulk customers.

The home delivery of goods is similar to the services of courier companies and eCommerce retailers.

Railways wants to launch a mobile application through which users can avail of this service. They can also get receipts for the goods sent by them. These receipts will have a QR code with which users can track their consignments.

The app will provide other details like the cost to send the goods and the time required for the delivery. Customers will have the option of picking up the package from their homes and offices or dropping the package at specific points.

As logistics is one of the fast-growing businesses, railways wants to capture a huge stake in it, with the help of India Post, which has a wide network of personnel. As per sources, railways will transport the goods, and the personnel of India Post will deliver them to customers.

Besides, railways plans to offer the service at competitive prices and lower rates than those of existing players who offer by road.

Some railway zones are in the process of developing a viable module for this as they have been asked to do so. The first service will be rolled out in Delhi-NCR and Gujarat by June or July.

The Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation (DFCC) launched an in-house trial of the home delivery of goods. It started this service with small items and white goods. Another test project will be conducted in Mumbai after Delhi and Gujarat.

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