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Gujarat Elections: BJP gives a sigh of relief

Gujarat Elections: BJP gives a sigh of relief

Many expected that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can make the Gujarat and Himachal Assembly elections an easy win for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Both elections seemed to gone as per the expectation but there were some close calls. Congress has at some points pushed the lead and sent BJP to second spot.

Even though Amit Shah, the president of BJP said that they are aiming for 150 seats, the party managed to cross the 100-seat mark and was expected to fall short of even the 115 seats that it won in 2012.

It can be stated that the victory of Gujarat is a hard fought one. PM Narendra Modi has managed to help his party win the race.

He singlehandedly pushed the BJP to the finishing line ahead of Congress. Rahul Gandhi led congress actually managed to put pressure on BJP.

Back in May 2014 after Modi moved to the Centre following BJP-led NDA’s massive win at Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s Anandiben Patel became the Gujarat chief minister. She was then replaced by Vijay Rupani in August 2016 when the Patidar agitation was not faced properly.

Following that, demonetisation and GST became a point of antagonizing for BJP in the state. Due to all these problems and BJP having disadvantages, the congress had a chance to win over.

In this situation, PM Modi stepped in for the sake of election. He talked about the 34 rallies while Rahul’s was 30. He slowly pulled his party into the lead with his talking skills.

With Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar calling PM Modi “neech” it helped Modi even further to use that for his advantage.

He used his own strong statements like saying “crackers will be burst in Pakistan if Congress wins”. He even created a connect with the voter event and gained attention. All his rallies had a lot of crowd and he successfully helped his party get the win.

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