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Government’s De-addiction plan

Government’s De-addiction plan

The drug abuse in the country has been on a rise these days as several people buy over the counter drugs. As a result, their health is being damaged.

In order to make the country drug-free, Indian government is mulling to implement an intensive action plan for de-addiction.

As per the National Drug Demand Reduction Policy, the government wants to adopt 15 districts in the country to implement the plan on a pilot basis.

The ministry of social justice and empowerment had sent the draft policy to the Cabinet last month after making changes to this as per the recommendations of group of ministers.

It is also proposed that there is a need of regulation on the sale of sedatives and painkillers. For this, the support of the department is essential at the state and the central level.

Some of the 15 districts that have been identified are Aizawl, Dibrugarh, Ludhiana, Pune and Vishakhapatnam.

An extensive action plan for de-addiction will be carried out in the chosen districts on the pilot basis for one year.

The intention of this program is to ensure the districts are drug addiction free by reducing the number of drug addicted people.

The existing de-addiction centres in these districts would be upgraded as treatment clinics so that the inpatients and outpatients can be treated with all necessary facilities.

It also has been suggested in the draft policy that de-addiction centres would be set up in major industrial establishments in addition to the 25 factories, prisons and juvenile homes.

Furthermore, 25 de-addiction centres will be established for women in prison separately.

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi directed the group of ministers to study the draft national policy for addressing the issues involved with drug and substance abuse in India.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh headed to this group. The group includes ministers of health, home affairs, social justice and empowerment, women and child development and transport.

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