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Exit polls 2019

Exit polls 2019

The big battle of Lok Sabha elections finished and the nation is waiting for the results. All major political parties tried their level best to gain the attention of voters with their promises. Some even made controversial comments against their opponents.

While the poll results are awaited on 23rd, the exit polls came with the prediction of Narendra Modi government to came back to power with a strong majority.

The exit polls of the News Nation revealed that the NDA government would win 290 seats in these elections.

The opposition Congress Party would win 126 and the remaining would be bagged by other parties.

The key points like national security and fighting terror are the main campaigns of the Modi government while the opposition focused on economic issues of the country.

The NDA government criticized the Congress Party as corrupt whereas the Congress counter attacked the BJP as the party that is power hungry.

The exit poll is a poll of voters that is taken immediately from the voters at the polling stations at their exit. The poll survey was conducted in all rounds of voting beginning from the first phase on April 11.

However, the Election Commission did not allow the exit poll outcome to be released until the last phase of voting has been finished.

The exit poll results were done by many news channels including Times Now-CNX, India Today-Axis, NEWSX-NETA, ABP-CSDS and Republic – Jan Ki Baat.

The exit poll results are based on the responses of the people who have cast their votes at polling booths and assumed to be the declaration of people’s choice before the announcement of the final results. These may not always be correct.

Image credit: PM Modi visits Sikkim image by Narendra Modi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Image Reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/narendramodiofficial/24783584176

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