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Deal between Flipkart and Walmart

Deal between Flipkart and Walmart

India is a big market for several companies as most of the Indians are ready to welcome new things easily. Moreover, they have more brand loyalty than several other nationals across the world.

Considering it, Walmart has been trying to capture major share in Indian markets for a long time, at last they succeeded through the deal with Flipkart.

Flipkart, one of the biggest players in the Indian ecommerce market made a deal with Walmart. With this, Walmart’s dream to enter into the Indian market became true.

The deal between Flipkart and Walmart was confirmed yesterday after the announcement of Walmart stating that it is paying around $16 billion for the initial stake of Flipkart which equals to nearly 77 per cent.

Amazon, the near rival to Flipkart offered a huge sum earlier before this deal, but Flipkart rejected it due to competition issues. It accepted the offer of Walmart.

Now, small players in the retail market are fearing about this deal as Walmart adopts low cost strategy.

They see this deal as a big threat to them to operate as profitably as they did earlier.

They are also worried that Walmart may sell may sell its private labels to Indian consumers which is tough to tackle.

But, Walmart assured that it will partner with small kirana shop owners and help them grow their business by modernizing their retail practices.

Digital payment technologies will also be developed so that the retail market in India will be grown.

Walmart even talked about ‘Make in India,’ and procuring things directly.

It also announced that it will help create jobs through the development of supply chains and commercial opportunity. Even direct employment will be improved.

Walmart also wants to reduce food wastage in the country as it is essential.

It assured that it will address the issue by employing various ways like controlling food wastage, improving waste management practices and investing in supply chains particularly cold storage.

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