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Crop burning leads to severe pollution: NGI

Crop burning leads to severe pollution: NGI

Crop burning is one of the major causes that leads to severe pollution in the country. The National Green Tribunal says that several people are dying and the quality of life is being reduced due to this.

It has directed the States of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab to designate officers at villages to track situation. It also sought the report from the states.

Crop burning that is seen in these states is the most leading cause of air pollution which kills many people.

NGT says that crop burning is still taking place in these areas as the states have not been able to educate farmers on the issue and properly communicate to them.

In this context, NGT said that the state is responsible for the actions of its people and it cannot escape it.

It also said that the equipment is yet to be made available to the farmers.

NGT said that the state governments are not properly educating farmers and they are unable to change the mindset of the farmers.

It added that if the governments do not succeed in its attempts, then it is their failure due to which citizens of the state are suffering.

Though the governments may say that they are doing their best, the life of citizens is affected and many people are dying due to pollution each year.

The central government informed the NGT that 80 per cent i.e. ₹600 crores are being paid to farmers for machines as an incentive. The remaining 20 per cent has to be paid by the state government to encourage farmers to reduce pollution from their part.

The central government also said that the cost of the machines has already been subsidized.

NGT directed the states to file their action in a report by 15th of November.

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