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China destroys maps for showing Arunachal in India

China destroys maps for showing Arunachal in India

The threat of neighbouring countries trying to occupy Indian land is being increased. Kashmir issue burning for years is disrupting peace in the area. A battle-like environment in the LoC is seen now.

At the same time, China wants to occupy Arunachal Pradesh. It says that Arunachal is its territory, but not part of India.

In this context, it destroyed around 30,000 world maps for not showing Arunachal Pradesh and Taiwan as part of Chinese territory.

This was stated by a report published in the Global Times on Tuesday.

The report said that the maps were printed to be exported by a company in Anhui province in eastern China.

China said that the maps failed to show its correct territory and ‘omitted South Tibet and the island of Taiwan’.

The fault of the maps is that they showed Arunachal Pradesh as part of India. And China claims that it is its territory and part of South Tibet.

The General Administration of Customs issued a notice on March 22 saying that 28,908 maps were found to be problematic when they were examined.

That’s why all these maps were seized and destroyed. In order to improve national integrity and public integrity the country did this, says the report.

A report on a Qingdao newspaper stated that authorities examined the map market for over 100 times and identified 10,000 incorrect maps in their examination to prevent circulation of incorrect information inside the country as well as overseas.

China’s acts are supported by some people there. Liu Wenzong, professor, Department of International Law of China Foreign Affairs University said that China did correctly to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the long-run.

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