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Centre waives import duty on Remdesivir

Centre waives import duty on Remdesivir

As the demand for Remdesivir injection has been increasing in the country, the government waived off customs duty on it and its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

COVID-19 cases are rising across various states and Remdesivir is one of the vital medicines used to treat it. Hence, the central government decided to waive the import duty on the injection so that the cost can be reduced in the county. This move also helps improve the availability of the injection in the country.

Notably, it is difficult for COVID-19 patients to get the injection. Most of the patients and their family members have to pay five to ten times of MRP to get the injection. It is majorly available in the black market, which led to a shortage of injections.

In this context, the decision of the government to waive off customs duty on Remdesivir certainly benefit the patients.

Not just on Remdesivir, but on its APIs like beta Cyclodextrin, the customs duty has been waived till October 31, 2021.

Earlier this month, the government banned the export of Remdesivir and its APIs due to increased demand in the country. The ban will be in force till the situation improves. The government also intervened in slashing the price of injection as per the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA).

The price of Remdesivir injection of various companies is mentioned as follows:

  • Cadila Healthcare’s REMDAC (Remdesivir 100 mg) injection is ₹899. The price has reduced from ₹2,800.
  • Dr Reddy’s Laboratories reduced the cost for its brand, REDYX to ₹2,700 from ₹5,400.
  • Cipla’s CIPREMI is ₹3,000, while the original price was ₹4,000.
  • Syngene International cut the price for its brand RemWin to ₹2,450 from ₹3,950.
  • Hetero Healthcare’s COVIFOR is available for ₹3,490. Its initial price was ₹5,400.
  • Both Jubilant Generics and Mylan’s brands are available for ₹3,400. Their original price was more than ₹4,500.

Image Credit: BaptisteGrandGrand / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Remdesivir_3D_structure.png

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