Bangladesh land deal passed in Rajya Sabha

Bangladesh land deal passed unanimously by Rajya Sabha

Bangladesh land deal

A historical moment has occurred in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday as the Bangladesh land deal passed unanimously in the House. All the members of the Rajya Sabha have put aside their ideological divide to unanimously give effect to the Land Boundary Agreement which was signed between India and Bangladesh in 1974 for exchange of enclaves.

Sushma Swaraj, minister of external affairs has won over the opposition by giving credit to Manmohan Singh government for putting in the hard work. She thanked the former PM who was present in the house and said that he is the one who started the whole thing. She added that she merely completed the task.

She also stated that the bill is also exactly the same without a change even in commas. She described it as a win-win situation for everyone. The passage of this bill is historic and that it would take the relations between India and Bangladesh to a whole new level by settling the border issue which has been troubling since 41 years. The bill was passed with a support of 180 members. It aims at giving effect to the acquiring of territories by India and transfer of territories to Bangladesh through retaining of adverse possession and exchange of enclaves in accordance with the 1974 agreement.

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