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Airports kept on high alert in the wake of monkeypox

Airports kept on high alert in the wake of the monkeypox virus

Last week, the first case of monkeypox was reported in India. So far, four cases were reported in the country, three from Kerala and one from Delhi. In addition to that, many states reported numerous suspected cases.

In this regard, the central government issued guidelines to identify monkeypox cases and control the spread of the virus.

States and union territories have been asked to follow travel guidelines issued for international travellers. The Centre also asked to follow SOPs while dealing with symptomatic patients.

The central government also put several airports on high alert. These include airports in Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Odisha. The states issued directions to authorities and travellers.

The Delhi government asked the authorities to notify any suspect case of monkeypox immediately to the concerned department. Besides, patients must be isolated in the reserved ward at Lok Nayak hospital. Their samples should be sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune.  The family members of patients must be under quarantine.

Thermal screening has been made mandatory at Kerala airports for all international travellers. The state government set up health desks with doctors and dermatologists at all international airports. Health department personnel has been deployed at these airports.

While the Karnataka government increased surveillance at entry points of the state, the Tamil Nadu government set up surveillance teams at all airports. They also issued guidelines for their employees working at airports.

Being a tourist hub, Goa airport attracts several tourists, especially international tourists. Hence the government increased surveillance facilities at the airport to detect monkeypox cases. Samples will be collected from all identified suspects with symptoms and sent to the NIV, Pune.

Though no monkeypox case has been reported in Odisha, the government improved surveillance facilities to monitor all international travellers entering the state. It also enhanced beds and other facilities in hospitals.

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