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How to Create an Incredible 6+ Monitor Trading Setup

How to Create an Incredible 6+ Monitor Trading Setup

Your success in executing your trades depends on your setup. If you have a 6 monitor setup, your chances of becoming profitable in your trades are higher. That’s why if you’re struggling with the execution of your trades, now’s the best time to make some serious changes.

Why Do You Need a 6+ Monitor Trading Setup?

You might’ve seen the setup of other professional traders. Many don’t just have a 6 monitor setup but have more than 6 monitors. That might seem like a lot of monitors to look at but it actually has a myriad of benefits.

In trading, there’re so many indicators to monitor. These indicators will tell you whether to execute your trade or not. It’ll help you cut your losses in case you’re losing money and will help you spot companies to invest in.

If you’re just using one monitor, you’ll need to split your screen or move from one tab to another just to monitor these indicators. However, if you have a 6 monitor setup or more, you can easily display the windows you want and position them in such a way that you can spot the indicators easily.

There’s no need to repeatedly switch tabs. Just stare at your monitors and watch the figures change. You can go with a 6 monitor setup or more for your convenience.

How to Arrange Your Indicators in Your 6 Monitor Setup

You can divide your 6 monitor setup into three sections. The middle part is the main screen monitors. Consider placing your trading roadmap on its side. A trading roadmap allows you to monitor the market with just one glance.

These monitors will allow you to see the buy and sell movements of stocks. For instance, it’ll allow you to see who the gainers and losers are in the market. Once you see who the big gainers and big losers are, you can see which companies to invest in.

The stock volume indicator should also be on the left part. You need to check the volume of trades. Even if a company is a big gainer for the day, if they only trade a few shares per day, it’s not going to be profitable. You need to have at least 40,000 trading shares every 10 minutes or so.

The center of your 6 monitor setup should include your trading time frame. This will show you real-time updates on the stocks. Since your main focus should be on your primary trading time frame, you need to make sure it is front and center in your setup for the best visibility.

Key Factors for 6 Monitor Setup

It’s also a good idea to place the value of your account value in the middle of the monitor setup. It allows you to see how much money you still have left in your trading account. A lot of people get carried away when they see how much they have gained.

When you can see your trading account faster, you can better control your emotions. That way, you can avoid losing your capital.

To the right of your setup, you can add the next time frame. If you like doing multiple time frame trading, this can be the best position for it.

Avoid putting unnecessary information that’ll just clutter your monitors such as news. Realistically, most day traders don’t have time to assimilate the news and inject it into their trading strategies. You can also dispense with chat rooms and other unnecessary indicators.

Is Size Important in Trading Monitors?

When you’re assembling your 6 monitor setup, you need to go with at least the minimum trading monitor requirement, which is about 24-28 inches. Ideally, you should have something large that will fit all your indicators on one screen.

While it’s still possible to trade using a small monitor like that of a small tablet, it’s not the best and the most efficient setup. You’ll have a hard time monitoring all the things that you need to monitor using a small screen.

But aside from size, make sure you also check the resolution of the monitors. You need to get at least 1080p screen resolution. This will ensure that you’ll see all the contrasts in your indicators.

Desktop versus Laptop

It depends on your needs and preferences. When you have a stationary set-up, a desktop would be the best option. However, it’s still a good idea to have a reliable laptop.

Many people get into day trading because they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of their 9-5 jobs. Trading allows you to work anywhere as long as you have a computer. If your lifestyle involves hopping from one country to another, then you need a good laptop to supplement your main setup at home.

Do You Need a Special Kind of Computer?

You don’t need a special kind of computer. However, you do need one that is capable of running all your trading applications smoothly. Ideally, your trading computer should have at least 8 GB of RAM.

Keep in mind that trading involves having multiple tabs open. A RAM less than 8 GB might cause your system to be laggy. Any delays in executing your commands could result in losses, so make sure you have a high RAM that’ll accommodate your needs.

Additionally, you also need a dual-core or quad-core processor for your computer. These kinds of processors will work faster in processing the information you feed. Avoid single-core processors as they are slower.

Equip your computer with an SSD or a Solid-State Drive as well. That way, if you need to reset your computer, you won’t have to wait for ages for it to completely boot.

Parting Words

Once you have all your gadgets ready, set them up on a sturdy computer table. Make sure your 6 monitor setup can fit on the table. Look for a table that already comes with provisions for the wiring. If not, you might need to buy cable organizers to hide all that mess behind the computers.

Get a comfortable chair as well. Trading can take all day, so make sure you don’t suffer from back pains.

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