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Ways to identify artificially ripened mangoes

Ways to identify artificially ripened mangoes

Mango, popular summer fruit is the favourite of many. As the summer season approached, people look for this tasty fruit.

However, due to their demand during the season, many harvesters and merchants do not allow them to ripen naturally. They use chemicals and artificial methods to ripe mangoes. Calcium carbide is used to ripen them artificially. It releases Acetylene, which gives them a good colour and texture.

Artificially ripened mangoes have several adverse effects on health, including cancer, seizures, coma etc.

You can identify artificially ripened mangoes using the following ways:

  • The appearance of mangoes reveals whether they are ripened naturally or artificially. If they are artificially ripened, their peel colour will not be uniform.
  • The colour appears light on some parts and dark yellow on the remaining part of the peel. Besides, some patches of green will appear on the peel. Naturally ripened mangoes will have a uniform yellow or red colour. Also, the pulp will not ripe in the artificially ripened fruits.
  • If you find mangoes in the market before their season, don’t buy them as they are ripened chemically. The season for mangoes in North India is May to August, while it is April to July in South India.
  • You may find black spots or patches on mangoes, which is an indication of Carbide ripened mangoes. They also will have traces of arsenic in the form of white powder.
  • Naturally ripened mangoes will have more juice, while artificially ripened fruits have very little juice. It is another indication.
  • Taste is another indication. If you feel a slight sense of burning in your taste buds after eating a mango, then the fruit is not ripened naturally. Besides, naturally ripened fruits have a good aroma while the other ones lack it.
  • If you feel warm when touching the fruit, then it may be an indication of a chemical reaction.
  • Artificially ripened fruits float when they are dropped in the water while organic mangoes sink.

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