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Ways Indians can reduce cancer risk

Ways Indians can reduce cancer risk

Cancer is an undermining disease which can be caused by different reasons. Regardless of what the reason may be, cancer affects the patient as well as his relatives too. When this lethal ailment hits you, there is no hope aside from the lavish treatment sessions. Not everybody is conceived with a silver spoon; henceforth you must be acquainted with disease counteractive action. In this respect, the main thing you can do is, before cancer hits you; familiarize yourself with some preventive steps.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Flax seed, fish and some nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They could reduce the inflammation caused by specific cancers.

Avoid processed salt

Do not consume processed salt. Instead, try to consume Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt. Even then, reduce your salt consumption a bit.

Olive oil

Use olive oil instead of regular vegetable oil for cooking. It is a very good preventive measure for cancer.

Plant food

Make sure you consume more vegetables. Red meats are known to increase chances of cancer. Try to add nuts, fruits, beans, and other grains to your diet to prevent cancer.

Red grapes

Red grapes are rich in “resveratrol” which is an anti-oxidant. It is found on the skin of these grapes. They are very good at fighting cancer.


Turmeric has curcumin and it helps to fight against cancer. It also slows down some types of cancers. So, add turmeric to your recipes.

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