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Unhealthy foods to avoid

Unhealthy foods to avoid

Food plays a crucial role in health. Certain foods can cause health issues. Health-conscious people or people with some health conditions can avoid the below-mentioned foods.

Fruit juices: Many people believe that fruit juices are healthy. However, they are not good due to their high amount of sugar. Moreover, they lack fibre like fresh fruits. Hence, it is better to consume the fruit as such rather than in the form of juice. Even if you want to consume fruit juice, make it at your home with fresh fruits and less sugar. It is better than packed fruit juices available in the market.

White bread: Avoid white bread to the maximum possible as it is made from refined wheat. While wheat has many nutrients and high fibre content, it loses all these after the refined process. Hence, choose wholegrain bread instead of white bread.

Sugar and sugary drinks: As you know, sugar is one of the most common food items that can lead to many health issues. Sugary drinks are more harmful. They not just increase your calorie intake, but also can cause insulin resistance and thereby fatty liver disease. Sugary drinks can also lead to cardiovascular problems. Hence, prefer water, lemon water etc. rather than opting for sugary drinks. You can also consume coffee and tea in moderate amount.

Low-fat yogurt: Yogurt has many health benefits. So, many people buy it in the market. However, the yogurt available in the market is loaded with sugar to compensate for the flavour of fat. Moreover, most of the pasteurized dairy products like yogurt do not have probiotic bacteria. Hence, consume full-fat yogurt that has probiotics.

Low-carb processed foods: Low-carb foods are highly processed and loaded with additives. So, rather than opting for low-carb foods available in the market, prefer foods that are low in carbs like leafy greens, eggs, seafood etc.

Ice cream: Ice cream contains high sugar and calories. So, if you want to eat ice cream, make it with fresh fruits and less sugar.

Always prefer fresh food items, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits rather than consuming processed and refined foods, which have high sugar and salt.

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