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Tips to prevent asthma attack during Diwali

Tips to prevent asthma attack during Diwali

Diwali brings joy especially to children as they burst crackers. At the same, bursting crackers leads to pollution.

The polluted air can lead to various respiratory and breathing problems.

Though normal people may be able to handle the situation, people who are prone to asthma attacks suffer a lot due to increased pollution.

Here are some tips to prevent asthma attacks during the festival:

  • Preventive measures are useful. Wear breathing masks to protect yourself from the pollution of firecrackers. You can buy a mask from the medical shop or use a handkerchief or scarf to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Stay indoors to avoid pollution. Keep the doors and windows shut and turn on the air conditioner if needed.
  • It is common to clean the rooms during festivals. Most asthma patients are allergic to dust during cleaning; hence, stay away from cleaning. Otherwise, dust particles can lead to wheezing and suffocation.
  • As the surroundings are filled with smoke and air pollution, keep the inhaler ready to get relief from possible asthma attacks.
  • Avoid smoke-affected areas and streets where people are bursting crackers. Do not get involved in bursting crackers to save yourself and the environment.
  • Consume vegetables that are rich in vitamins C and D. Vitamin C improves your immune system and vitamin D helps prevent autoimmune diseases.
  • Festival means several delicacies including sweets. Sugar-rich foods can cause allergic inflammation which in turn may lead to an asthma attack. Hence eat in small quantities. Also, limit your sweet intake.
  • You should also restrict oily food which may constrict the air passage and trigger asthma.
  • Drink sufficient water. It is helpful to prevent several health conditions including asthma.
  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking.

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