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Nutrition myths that you shouldn’t believe

Nutrition myths that you shouldn’t believe

When it comes to weight loss and nutrition, almost everyone believes in certain rules or tips. However, scientific studies have proven that most of these are just myths. Here are some of the biggest myths of nutrition that shouldn’t be believed.

No salt in diet equates to no blood pressure problems

While reducing salt intake in diet can help reduce the blood pressure, eliminating it completely is a very bad idea. Human body needs salt like every other nutrient.

Raw food is good and cooked food is bad for health

Even though it is true that raw foods have good nutrition, it doesn’t mean that cooked foods are bad for health. Human are definitely capable of living well even with cooked food.

Egg yolks are bad and should be discarded

It is true that Egg yolks contain cholesterol. However, eating an egg yolk is not harmful. Remember that moderation is the key here.

Eating six meals a day is helps lose weight

The six meal plan is not a bad plan in any way. However, ultimately all that matters is the amount of calories one takes in a day. If you end up eating too many calories, then there is no point in hoping for weight loss.

All low fat foods are healthy

This is not true at all. The processed low fat foods are quite harmful for your body despite having fewer amounts of calories. They contain additives, chemicals and preservatives.

Coffee is unhealthy

This is another case of moderation is key. Excessive coffee is definitely not good for health. However, moderate amount of coffee helps you get many anti-oxidants which prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes and depression.

Bigger meals at the night make you fat

The important fact to remember is that the overall calorie intake is more important than how much you eat at night.

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