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Household activities that can burn calories

Household activities that can burn calories

If you are looking for way to burn off some calories but are not interested in going to the gym, then you can do these household activities to lose some weight.

These activities are actually good enough to keep your body fit if you do all of them without any servants.

Without further ado, let us take a look at them.




Gardening requires a lot of physical activity like digging earth and moving around the plants to water them. This also increases your blood circulation. Gardening activities like pulling weed or planting flowers can burn 200 calories per hour.

Washing dishes

Even though many people hate doing this, it can be quite a physical work. Washing dishes by your hand without using dishwashers is a great workout. Washing dishes while standing can burn 90 calories in an hour.

Cleaning the floor

Use a mop to clean the entire floor of your house. It is a great physical work. It can burn as much as 156 calories per hour.

Wiping windows

If you meticulously wipe your windows including all the window panes of your home, you can lose many calories. It can burn as much 140 calories in an hour.

Running with your pet

Taking your dog out for a walk or a jog is not only healthy for your dog but also for you. If you run at a moderate speed, you can burn 200 calories in an hour.

Carrying water

Carrying around water buckets can make you sweat a lot. It works like dumbbell workout for muscle building.

Hand washing clothes

Doing your laundry becomes much more fun if you think about the calories you can burn while getting fresh clothes. Even by using a washing machine you can burn 70 calories per hour.

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