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Health Benefits of corn silk

Health Benefits of corn silk

Corn silk is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, and minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.

It can be used fresh as well as in dried form. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. The usage of corn silk for various ailments is also quite common in Native American medicine.

Corn silk has many health benefits:

  • Corn silk lowers chronic inflammation and thereby other serious health conditions like heart diseases. It regulates the inflammatory response of the body.
  • The flavonoids in it reduce the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides. They also control the total cholesterol level in the blood and thus prevent the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • As it contains antioxidants, it can help prevent oxidative stress and free radicals and thereby reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer and heart problems.
  • It lowers blood sugar levels and manages the symptoms of diabetes. It can also control high blood pressure.
  • It improves metabolism and eliminates toxins from the body. Drinking corn silk regularly can aid in losing weight due to its low calories and ability to create a feeling of fullness.
  • Some studies showed that it can lower depression and anxiety. It also lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • Corn silk reduces fatigue due to the presence of flavonoids.
  • Consumption of corn silk tea or its supplements help treat urinary tract, bladder, urethra or kidney infections.

Method of making corn silk tea:

  • Boil one glass or cup of water in a vessel and add a handful of fresh corn silk to it. Boil it for some time and allow it to steep.
  • As soon as the water turns brown, strain the tea. Add a few drops of lemon juice to improve the flavour and drink.

A word of caution:

Corn silk is considered safe for consumption. However, if you are allergic to corn, avoid taking it. Also, do not consume it if you are taking medicines for blood pressure, diabetes, urinary problems, blood thinning and anti-inflammation.

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