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Brown rice is nice

Brown rice is nice

White rice may be tastier and looks better, but there is nothing to beat brown rice for nutritional value and health benefits. Brown rice is healthy because during its refining process the hull of the rice kernel is removed, although its nutrition remains intact.

But for white rice, the milling and polishing needed to whiten it would tend to strip the rice of its essential vitamins and nutrients.

One cup of brown, unpolished rice contains 88 per cent of manganese, 27.3 per cent of selenium, 20.9 per cent of magnesium, 18.7 per cent of tryptophan and only 12 per cent calories.

The conversion of rice from brown to white destroys about 60 per cent iron, 80 per cent vitamin B1, 67 per cent vitamin B3, 90 per cent vitamin B6, 60 per cent iron and almost half the phosphorous, manganese and dietary fibre naturally present in the rice.

As brown rice is packed with natural oils, it is friendly and good for the heart. The fibrous concentration helps in bowel movement and induces weight-loss. One cup of brown rice fulfills about 80 per cent of the daily requirement of manganese in the body, thus helping to form healthy cholesterol. It also improves metabolism and makes you feel full for a longer time.

Hence, by replacing white rice with brown rice, you can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Like wheat, brown rice is also a type of whole grain.

Organically grown wild brown rice is the best of all the lot, as it is packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins.

So forget about the taste. If you are looking for a weight reducer, you could try brown rice for benefit.

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