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Boost your Memory with Beetroot

Boost your Memory with Beetroot

Do you want to improve your memory? Are you forgetting everything? Then eat beetroot. This dark red vegetable is very helpful in improving your memory.

The pumping of blood flow to some parts of brain becomes slow in the process of aging. This is due to the hardening of endothelium and losing of natural flexibility.

The nitrates in beetroot combat it effectively. If you take the juice, the nitrates of beetroot are turned into nitrites by the ‘good bacteria’ in the saliva. These nitrites improve blood flow and thus boost the memory.

This is revealed in the study of Wake Forest University. The study also revealed that beetroot improves cognitive abilities and prevents dementia.

Apart from that, there are many other benefits also associated with this wonderful root vegetable. As it consists of vitamin A, B and C, and other minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, beetroot is helpful for many health conditions. Beetroot juice regulates blood pressure. It is a heart healthy food.

Due to its high fiber content, beetroot prevents constipation and aids in regulating other gastrointestinal disorders.  Even though, beetroot is a root vegetable, it helps in controlling blood sugar levels. The alpha-lipoic acid in beetroot helps reduce glucose levels and thus keeps diabetes in control.

Beetroot is beneficial for liver. Betaine and methionine in beetroot aids in proper functioning of liver. The iron in beetroot juice helps in activating RBC in the blood. It helps in promoting hemoglobin as well.

It consists of carotenoids which are beneficial for hair. They prevent hair loss and improves the texture. Beetroot nourishes the skin. Have you seen how many benefits are associated with beetroot? Add beetroot to your diet to stay healthy.

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