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Benefits of Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits and nuts are one of many beautiful gifts of nature. They are not only tasty but also healthy. Often there are many misconceptions that eating dry fruits might cause unnecessary fat. However, most of these are myths and in fact dry fruits are very healthy. Here are several health benefits.

Dry fruits help in controlling cholesterol. It is not true that dry fruits contain cholesterol. Many dry fruits actually help in controlling it. Cashew, Raisins, Almonds, Pistachios etc. have good fatty acids and minerals in them. They help in controlling cholesterol levels. The minerals in raisins help in better blood circulation which would also help in controlling cholesterol.

Several dry fruits have the ability to treat intestinal disturbances. Raisins, pistachios etc. have high fiber in them which absorb water and treat intestinal disturbances. This helps in curing constipation. Dates are also known for fighting constipation.

Many people face hair loss in the present days. Dry nuts like almonds help in prevention of hair loss. The oil of almond is very beneficial in preventing hair loss. It also adds a luster to hair. Furthermore, almonds also help in the prevention of Cancer. It is proven scientifically that almonds can suppress prostate and lung cancers. The flavonoids present in almonds also help in prevention of breast cancer.

Eating cashews can help eliminate free radicals which could cause cancer. It is scientifically proven that almonds and pistachios also help in preventing various types of cancer.

Dry fruits and nuts also help in controlling blood pressure. This makes them very helpful for aged people especially. Raisins are found to be helpful in controlling the acidity of blood. Blood sugar levels can also be controlled by eating pistachios.

Dry fruits are usually high in dietary fiber. This makes them effective in weight management. Eating cashews, almonds, and raisins everyday can help in controlling weight. This will also help in the prevention of heart diseases.

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