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Multiply your Investment with these Tips

Multiply your Investment with these Tips

Do you want to multiply your investments? Are you interested in learning the investment ‘Mantra’? Then read this article to know the investment tips and tricks from a successful investor of Kolkata.

Basant Maheshwari is one of the most successful investors in the stock market. He has been in full-time investing since 2001 after he left his family business due to failures. He invested in several popular companies for the last 13 years and succeeded. Axis Bank, Titan, Bharti Airtel, Pantaloon Retail, Trent, Gruh Finance, Page Industries and Hawkins Cookers are some of them.

His investment strategy is that investing in such companies generate large profits and positive cash flows. This helps him to gain in the form of dividends even in the bad time of companies.

He revealed his success Mantra as follows: He advises investors to choose the companies with a ROE of at least 30% and pay regular dividends. The companies should have a sales growth each year. It is ideally 25 to 30 percent for the last five years. Companies with debt can also be chosen when their sales growth is more than that of their debt growth. It is better to choose a company that leads in its sector. The market price/face value of share price should be more than 100.

He suggested probable investors should diversity their portfolio by investing in different company shares. Retail investors should focus on companies that are associated with housing sectors due to the consistent growth in the economy and an assumption of fall in interest rates. Consistent growth and dividend yield, good brand name and high return on equity are some points he considers while choosing a stock to invest. Investors can choose companies like Kajaria Ceramics, Symphony, Whirlpool of India, Gruh and Repco for better gains in future.

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