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Do you know about pet insurance?

Do you know about pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a safety net that helps to cover unexpected costs for your pet, who are often seen as family members as much as any person is. The insurance can be customized for the type of pet one owns, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and the like.

Whatever risk a pet provides, be it sickness, accidents, or the pet’s loss, pet insurance can cover the costs.

The policies of pet insurance vary as widely as everything else does, so it is important to make sure that one’s pet has the correct coverage.

The following is included in it: loss and theft of the pet, behavioral problem treatment, liability coverage (provided for dogs only), and death either by illness or by injury.

This is a new field here in India, so there are very few takers as of yet, making it a fresh concept. Insurance was restricted to cattle beforehand, and even now many only cover dogs.

However, here are a few new companies that offer pet insurance:

·     The New India Insurance company identifies its insured dogs by things such as a nose print or a photograph. They offer insurance schemes for dogs from eight weeks to eight years in age, which covers any diseases contracted and death of the dog. The company also offers up insurance schemes for other pets such as sheep and goat insurance, rabbit insurance, and inland fish insurance.

·     United India Insurance covers all animals, be they indigenous, cross-bred, or exotic species. Either owners themselves or written diaries (which can be private, cooperative, or owned by NDDB) can carry out the policy from there. The company covers permanent disability of the animal and death of the animal.

·     Oriental Insurance provides coverage for horses, dogs, elephants, and the like, with dogs being insured from eight weeks to eight years of age. The premium has a range of ₹200 to ₹10,000.

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