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How to get your TDS refunded quickly

How to get your TDS refunded quickly

The due date for income tax filing is approaching. Income tax filing is essential if your income exceeds the exempt income and to get your TDS refunded.

Some people do not have taxable income. However, they may get interest income from banks which is deducted at the source if it exceeds the prescribed limits.

In such case, you have to file returns to get your TDS refunded. Several taxpayers are in a hurry to file their returns to get their TDS refunded.

Here are some important points to note while filing your income tax returns and get your extra tax paid refunded:

  • The earlier you file your returns, the quicker your returns have a chance to be verified. As a result, you will get your TDS refunded.
  • File your income tax returns without any mistakes. If the income tax department finds mistakes in your return, then you may be called to rectify them and revise your return. Hence, always cross check your income and expenditure before filing your returns. In such cases, you can also take professional help.
  • If you are not aware of claiming extra tax amount to be refunded, take the help of financial professionals so that you can get refund considering all your income and expenses.
  • The ITR filing is completed only after you send the ITR-V or acknowledgment to the CPC department. You can verify your returns electronically as well, which is faster. Using Aadhaar based OTP is one of the best ways for electronic verification.
  • After filing and submitting your returns you can check your refund status link on the portal of income tax or e-filing website. You can also know the reason if your refund is in pending. Based on that, you may take further steps.
  • Make sure to provide correct bank account details with the branch and IFSC code to get your TDS refunded.

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