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Choose the right health insurance policy-2

Choose the right health insurance policy-2

In the earlier article, you have read about some important things to consider while choosing a health insurance policy.

Here are some more points to consider for a health insurance policy:

  • Documentation is vital at the time of taking a health insurance policy. Hence, it is better to opt for a company that requires minimal documentation. It helps you not just at the time of choosing the policy but also while claiming.
  • Also, review the claim settlement process of the insurance company before opting for the policy. Normally insurance companies settle claims in any of the following ways: Cashless claims, reimburse claims or pre-approved claims with advance cash. Choose a policy that meets your requirements. You have to note that the claim process should be simple. It also should save your time and money at the time of claim settlement.
  • Another important point you should check while choosing a health insurance policy is the waiting time to cover the pre-existing illness. Regarding this point, each company has its own rules and time. However, you have to wait for a specific period for the cover of pre-existing health conditions, so choose the policy that has a low waiting period.
  • Normally, medical expenses increase as you age. So, choose a policy that provides special benefits to senior citizens.
  • Many health insurance policies have exclusions, i.e. they do not provide a comprehensive cover. As a result, policyholders have to bear expenses for some health conditions like sinusitis, cataract etc. So, make sure that your policy has comprehensive coverage or fewer exclusions.
  • Always choose a plan that does not mandate co-payment on your part, which ranges from 10 to 15 per cent.
  • Also, check the Add-on covers available with your policy by the payment of extra premium. Some of them are critical illness cover, daily hospital cash cover, alternative treatment care cover like Ayurveda, Yoga etc.

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