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How you can complain about digital service providers

How you can complain about digital service providers

This is the era of digital technology. However, as digital payments are progressing, so are the problems.

In this context, the Reserve Bank of India launched the Ombudsman Scheme for Digital Transactions (OSDT).

With this, you can complain about a service provided by the digital payments company to the ombudsman.

Here is a list of types of complaints you can make:



  • If the service provider company is unable to transfer funds to your bank account
  • In the event of unauthorized electronic funds transfer
  • If it fails to load funds into your wallet within a specific period
  • It if fails to make fund transfer for payments
  • Fails to refund your money in the event of failed transactions
  • Fails to stop payment transactions
  • Incompatible to the instructions or guidelines of the RBI
  • Other complaints related to UPI, UPI QR Code, Bharat QR Code and Bharat Bill Payment System

First file a complaint with the company that provides digital services and wait for 30 days. If you did not get a satisfactory response from the digital company, then you can file a complaint with the ombudsman. Note that you have to file the complaint within the jurisdiction where the company’s office is located. For centrally operated companies, your billing address decides the relevant ombudsman.

There is no need to visit the office, just lodge a complaint online and send it to the official email address. Submit your details, supporting documents etc. Add the remedial measures you are seeking for your problem along with a declaration to your complaint.

You should not wait for a longtime to file complaint. File a complaint with ombudsman within a year of rejection by your company or within 13 months of filing your complaint with it.

You can even send your complaint to the appellate authority if you are not satisfied with the reply of ombudsman. The last resort is the consumer forum or the court.

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