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Best savings plan from SBI Life

Best savings plan from SBI Life

Savings plans are essential to prepare for unforeseen emergencies. There are many savings plans in the market. State Bank of India Life’s savings plan is one of the best savings plans. These savings plans is an integrated plan and serves as savings plan as well as insurance cover.

The investors who seek to invest little money and want to have a life cover can choose these savings plans. It is useful for children’s education or wedding, buying a home and vacation trip. Here are various SBI Life plans that are suitable for different people.

Smart woman advantage provides comprehensive benefits with life coverage, savings and critical illness benefit. They can also provide optional coverage for pregnancy and child birth related complications. Tax benefits are also available under Section 80 D and premium paid goes towards Health Benefit under section 80 C.

Smart Humsafar is a joint life insurance coverage to cover both husband and wife under a single policy. Minimum bonus is assured for eligible policies at the rate of 2.50 per cent of the Basic Sum Assured for the first 3 years.

CSC Saral Sanchay is a savings plan with life insurance coverage. Throughout the term of policy minimum floor rate of 1 per cent is payable per annum.

Shubh Nivesh is a savings plan with an option of having whole life insurance coverage. Premium can be paid in a single payment mode or regular payment mode. Benefits of the plan include regular flow of income, wealth creation and insurance cover.

Smart Guaranteed Savings Plan assures specific additions at the end of each policy year based on the installment of chosen premium. Life insurance coverage is also available.

Saral Swadhan+ offers a fixed life cover during the policy term in addition to a guaranteed maturity benefit after paying a minimum of three annual premiums.

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