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Don’t miss: 3-Day Startup Super class

Don’t miss: 3-Day Startup Super class

Don’t miss this super class event for startups. Those who are enthusiastic and passionate about being an entrepreneur and want to start the next world changing startup should attend the 3-Day Startup Super class.

The event will happen from October 28 to October 30 in Bengaluru. The main aim of it is to help Entrepreneurs who are in Early Stage with an idea or pre-seed or seed learn about growing it to the next stage.

The event will not be a typical Entrepreneur talk or Meet-up session which discusses about the latest trends related to startups as this is of no important use to first time entrepreneurs. It is termed a Super class which consists of talks related to some of the most important business skills that are needed by Entrepreneurs or Startup Owners in order to build sustainable and scalable startups.

The three days will consist of a mixture of theory, practice, and DIY sessions to help people learn all things in many different ways. Those who visit will be provided with case studies and their analysis. They will even get a Quiz and Q&A session. Even food will be available in the three days.

The event promises that people will learn a lot of practical hacks on improving their startups and business skills required to convert their raw idea to practical business models. The event is more like an experience.

The host of the Event and Partner is Dr. Pramukh (Urban Papyrus). The mentor or event speaker is Pradeep Prabhu. The tickets to the event are limited and only 15 people will be able to buy them. People will also receive snack with coffee/tea during coffee breaks.

So hurry and get your ticket if you want to learn about being a successful entrepreneur. There are only limited tickets so visit the website to get yours.

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